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Our full-service state of the art robotic paint process includes; Complete Project Management, Part Preparation, Multi-Step Coating, Custom Curing Capabilities, Inspection & Quality Testing, Part Handling & Custom Engineered Packaging Solutions, Warehousing, Assembly and Sub-Assembly services and Transportation Logistics.

Robotic Paint Process

Parts nearly always require some form of preparation:


Air-Flow Controlled Part-Prep Environments

Some parts requiring pre-paint preparation. This includes finishing the part in a sanding, buffing or polishing process. Parts often need to be cleaned or etched prior to painting.

Part Presentation

Presenting parts to robots varies widely from part to part. For paint operations, parts are placed onto racks which travel on ground conveyors.

Our MotoSight™ vision locates the parts so that the robot can pick them up precisely and consistently.

Multi-Step Coating Process

The paint mixing and application process is controlled through our high precision premixing equipment.
The actual coating process is often a multi-step process. Our robots and systems support the following coating processes:

  Single component
  Two component
 BASF Curing
  Adhesion Promoter
 High & Low Bake
 High & Low Gloss


Our curing ranges from 55°C/131°F to 121°C/250°F, and up to 40 minutes.

Inspection and Quality Testing

Visual inspection and gauge testing ensures consistent and predictable quality. Our inspection and quality teams have all the necessary inspection and data analysis equipment for part inspection.

Part Handling & Custom Packaging Consulting and Solutions

After the coating is cured, parts can be removed from the rack or conveyor. Parts that are coated and cured usually go to the next process of kitting, assembly, sub-assembly or placed into a shipping container. The key to delivering quality painted parts require proper shipping containers. In-Tek provides custom engineered packaging solution to ensure and prevent damage to parts during the packaging and shipping process.

Warehousing, Sub-Assembly and Logistics

Our 11,000 sq. m. (120,000 sq. ft.) facility is equipped with temperature controlled storage, assembly/sub-assembly service areas, and fully equipped with 4 shipping docks.


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